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American Football - What To Look

In most parts of world, in case you say word "football" many people think that you are referring to the soccer, most popular & widely followed sport. But, American football is now starting to spark interest overseas. National Football League promotes American style football all over, sending the players as ambassadors & holding preseason games in Mexico, Europe, and Japan. The games are also broadcast in lots of countries and Super Bowl is also broadcast to every country in world.

International Federation of the American Football is official international body of the American Football & oversees 45-member organizations. Also, beginning in 1999, International Federation of the American Football has sponsored world cup of the American football and Japan taking all honors in 1999 & 2003.

American football has grown in the popularity in Mexico, and where lots of households can watch these games on American TV stations. There is such interest in the American football at Mexico that NFL opened the office in Mexico in 1997 and to supervise the fan development, public relations, marketing, and special events. NFL as well publishes the Spanish language site that is targeted to the Mexican fans.

Also, American football is gaining fame in Europe. And in 1991, National Football League have backed European league named World League of Football. And from that emerged the NFL Europe, six team league, which serves as spring developmental league for the National Football League in United States. So, five of the NFL Europe's teams are all based in Germany & one is in Netherlands.

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In most parts of world, in case you say word "football" many people think that you are referring to the soccer, most popular & widely followed sport...

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