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Odds On

When looking for an online gaming software reliable is one of the best predictors of longevity. Best online bookmakers odds On, which began there over 10 years in 1998, is one of them. Since that day, they never stopped offering software that allows visitors to play for real money on the Internet, first using a JAVA program, then a C + +. Today's Odds On gaming software are franchised by EH New Ventures Gaming. The games are available in Flash version and downloadable version.


Odds On casinos do not reach the level of detail in some other game software online regarding the reconstitution of the casino. However, the home menu and the games are quite suitable. A great bar menu with all game options is located on the main screen and allows players to navigate easily to their favorite games, that will be presented with the different game variations available. Once directed to the game of your choice, you'll see that the menu bar occupies only a small portion of the bottom of the screen and displays the balance of your account and the various options. The games are usually downloaded one at a time to save disk space.

Sounds and Graphics

The most disturbing aspect of the graphics on Odds On is how tokens are handled. In fact, they are not! Once a hand is over, no tokens do is neither removed nor added. Tokens do not move your betting area, and the only thing that changes is the balance of your account. In addition to moving away from realism, this can cause confusion and push to wonder if the hand is well and truly over. This, combined with an animation sometimes a bit slow, can waste considerable time to players who do not realize that it is their turn to place their bet. The sound effects are standard, fairly realistic, their quality is comparable to that found in arcade.

Game Variety

Players moving on Odds On should find most of these games in real casinos. In addition to the many variations of blackjack, roulettes, video poker and slot machines, most games are available such as craps, baccarat, Pai Gow poker or "Red Dog". There are also several games with a progressive jackpot, with jackpots sometimes approaching several million dollars.

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